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Are your cleaning solutions safe for my family? 2017-05-17T19:04:49+00:00

Yes. We are very aware and concerned about using the safest products in your home. At your request, we will gladly provide you with safety information about any of the products we use in your home.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned? 2017-05-17T19:04:27+00:00

The answer may vary depending on your particular situation and whether the carpet gets heavy or light use. Those with children, pets, or large families will need more frequent cleanings. As a guideline, it is recommended that a carpet be professionally cleaned every 12-18 months. If your carpet has a warranty, check with your manufacturer on their certified technician to keep the warranty intact.

How long does it take to clean my carpet? 2017-05-17T19:05:56+00:00

The amount of time it will take depends on many factors such as the amount of furniture to be moved and the amount of stains and soil in the carpet. On average, it takes 30-45 minutes to clean a room.

How long will it take my carpet to dry? 2017-05-17T19:05:51+00:00

Drying time could range from 2-8 hours depending on the degree of soil level in the carpet, thickness in carpet fibers, the amount of steam applied, or the amount of humid-air conditions in the area cleaned. Air conditioning or heat, depending on the time of year, will help speed the process.

Do I need to do anything special after my carpet is cleaned? 2017-05-17T19:05:45+00:00

Some things to keep in mind after your carpet has been professionally cleaned: (1) be careful walking from carpet to hard surfaces. Floors can be very slippery; (2) try to keep pets and children off of carpet for at least 6 hours; (3) keep blocks and tabs in place 24 hours after carpet is cleaned; (4) you can vacuum your carpet any time after this 24 hour period.

What should I do if I spill something on my carpet? 2017-05-17T19:05:39+00:00

Spills and pet accidents are the major two reasons for re-appearing spots. Time is critical! The first thing you should do when addressing spills or pet accidents is to place a clean dry towel over the spill and stand on it. You must absorb as much of the spill into the towel as possible. Letting the spill soak into the backing of the carpet will increase the risk of re-appearing spots in the future.

What can you do about the pet odor in my carpet? 2017-05-17T19:05:34+00:00

Pet odor issues should be treated as quickly as possible. Accidents are bound to happen! Even with a house trained pet, your carpets and upholstery are subject to additional abuse. We use a complete cleaning process to ensure pet stains are kept to a minimum. The sooner a pet stain is treated, the better the chances of avoiding permanent damage. If untreated, over time the odor can permeate into other areas of your home. With a urine stain, it is extremely important to not allow the stain to set into the multiple layers of your carpeting. With certain types of carpet fibers the urine can cause permanent dye structure damage that cannot be repaired. Although we cannot guarantee every pet stain can be removed, we use the most effective techniques available to professional carpet cleaners.

Can I walk on the carpet right after the cleaning has been done? 2017-05-17T19:05:29+00:00

Yes. However, we recommend you avoid high traffic until the carpet is completely dry. A lot of traffic may prolong dry time. Use caution as wet feet may cause slipping and falling.

How shall I prepare before you arrive? 2017-05-17T19:05:23+00:00

We recommend that you vacuum your carpets before we arrive. Make sure that everything has been picked up from the floor, such as toys, coins, pins, etc. Also, please remove all breakables such as photo frames, statues, lamps, etc.